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Anxiety & Insomnia – Anxiety Blog

Anxiety & Insomnia have always played a frequent role in my life. I overthink at night when I’m lying in my bed then my brain re-runs over everything that happened during that day, or even what might happen in the future. I rarely feel “ready” for bed-time. Everything from sleep paralysis, hypnagogic jerks, de-personalisation, out-of-body […]

Self-Destruction – Anxiety Blog

This post is going to be personal. It is me taking a very honest, critical look at myself and how my mental state could be the result of my own self-destruction. Recipe for Destruction Diet My diet has always been awful. During high school, I was more interested in spending my lunch money on cigarettes […]

Anxiety & Nutrition : Food for thought? – Anxiety Blog

Food for thought? Lots of us look for comfort food when we are feeling low, disconnected or depressed. I personally find myself going for comfort food it releases dopamine and usually makes me feel better (temporarily). Interestingly food is also go-to when we are feeling good. I always find myself making excuses: Birthday parties, Halloween […]

Background (First Post) – Anxiety Blog

Bout ye (Translation – Hello, How are you?) Some background to get started… I’m not sure when I started to be affected by mental health issues. I suppose it’s a collaboration of everything in my life over-all. Our family moved around a little when I was younger. I’ve witnessed my parental figures go through multiple […]




We wanted to cover a few things.. BUT FIRST! We have a discord server for our viewers. It is FREE to join. You must have a verified email to join our server. If you’re a patron, you will get a patron role. We plan to have all sorts of cool things, and we want to […]

Happy New Year! Deleted Scenes w/FrivolousFox ASMR + more updates

Deleted scenes with Frivvi, and some coolio updates. Take the quiz: SOCIAL MEDIA: Add us on Snapchat!!! dirtynerdyshow Find “The Dirty Nerdy Show” on Facebook and Twitter! Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Paypal: We have an Instagram now! Go show us some love! Find ChristopherNotWalken on Twitter and Snapchat: Tweets by […]