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ASMR. Solving Cube Puzzle. No Talking

Hi everybody. I recorded the sounds of another wooden puzzle, called the cube. This one was fairly easy (unexpectedly) compared to the “Chessboard puzzle” I attempted last time, so the recording turned out to be quite short. I will get a more difficult one next time 🙂 Relax and Enjoy! Watch the video:

Reddit, Halloween, and Hair Brushing

This week we talk about Heather Feather’s AMA on Reddit, and Dmitri’s return to YouTube. We also talk about next week’s Tinglecast…we have something super fun and spooky lined up for you guys. Then we close it out with the sounds of hair brushing. Enjoy!

ASMR. Playing with FLOAM. No Talking

I bought some FLOAM and recorded the sounds, but for some reason it just stayed really slimy and very sticky. Maybe I did something wrong? It was a huge mess 😛 I will definitely try this again. Relax and enjoy! Watch the video:

ASMR. Konjac Sponge. No Talking

I had no idea what a Konjac Sponge was, but my wife always uses them to clean her face and swears that it’s the softest sponge ever and very relaxing. “But does it make a cool sound?” I asked. You tell me 🙂 Watch the video;