1/2 ASMR, 1/2 Inappropriate Livestream ~ Unboxing & Karaoke ~

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO HUNG OUT WITH ME!! i rambled enough on stream so I won’t continue on with this (I lied, I write a legit essay thatd probably not even pass in English class, my b), just wanted to apologize if I pissed anyone off about the SuperChat thing. We all know I’m not the most articulate and I’m just generally dumb so there might be some misunderstanding with where I was coming from, sorry if you think I’m an obnoxious, greedy bitch… because that’s not what i was going for LOL. It’s cool if you want to think so, though. Because you ain’t know me and can fuck right off anyhow.

I just have some beef with YouTube that most viewers don’t understand or realize until they are a content creator themselves. It’s not them taking money, I have subs and supporters because of their website and they deserve compensation, but it’s about HOW MUCH when I don’t feel they deserve it based on their customer service (efficiency in taking down videos and channels that are blatantly copyrighted, how they censor some ASMR videos despite it not breaking any community guidelines as a couple examples I’ve personally dealt with), bullshit with demonetization of certain channels and videos that talk about real life issues or include people cussing (the fact they ever demonetized phillyd?!?!?!). They cater to advertisers rather than look out for the content creators and that bothers me a lot. Content creators are the heart and soul of this website. It’s user and content fueled, without users or content, they are nothing. They put in so much time and effort into videos and streams and it just… to take such a huge chunk from a small, hard-working individual or entity is ridiculous to me. I’m not saying this about me, really, because I appreciate every dollar I get doing something that makes me happy and something that I love. I’m not really about money. I mean, obviously it’s life and it’s essential to living, but if it were up to me I’d fuck money and class and reputation right off. I’m about happiness, confidence, acceptance, love and all that bullshit hippie stuff more than money. Super cringe I know FUCK IM RAMBLING. The ACTUAL point was to say thank you to all those that used SuperChat before I turned it off. I don’t want to make them feel bad or ashamed- I appreciate every fooking dollar!! SuperChat or not. I love you all. I went a bit far on stream and I should’ve just let it go and turned it off without saying anything, I apologize for being obnoxious like that. SOMETIMES ITS GOOD TO FILTER YOURSELF FRIVVI SHHH. Anyways, yeah. Didn’t mean to cause a debate or make it seem like I’m ungrateful to those that donated or ungrateful of having a place like YouTube to upload videos like I do. YouTube is a great place and a great platform… I just think it sucks that they are taking advantage of content creators because they’re essentially a monopoly. It’d take a lot to overtake YouTube. Vimeo, dailymotion, etc. are no where close to how big YouTube is. And YouTube realizes that. So they take huge dividends from even the smallest of content creators and I don’t agree with that. CANT EVERY COMPANY JUST BE LIKE AMAZON haha 😛 They’re just so concerned about money instead of taking care of the people that made them successful. Greedy fucks. Take my 30%, whatever. Just don’t fuck everyone else. They work hard. They do great things. I love you and I’m thankful, but fuck you, YouTube.

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