(ASMR) Doctor Daniel Roleplay – Cranial Nerve Examination!

Hey Guys! Welcome to my first ever ASMR Roleplay on this channel. This is my first time ever doing a soft speaking video, let alone doing a roleplay, let alone using a green screen! So hopefully you guys can forgive me for any quality issues, and any constructive feedback as to how to get better at roleplaying would be super helpful and appreciated! Go easy on me! 🙂

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What is ASMR to me?

I personally don’t actually experience ASMR tingles at all, but use it purely as a medium and relaxation! I used ASMR videos and sounds to fall asleep for about a year or so before starting my own channel, and hopefully my videos will have the same affect on you! My personal favourite triggers are tapping, scissor sounds, whispering, and ear cupping! Hence why they’re my tiers of patrons on patreon!

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